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Published: Apr 22, 2020

Table of Contents - Summer 2008

Mar 12, 2005
Fort Hays State University College of Education

A Plan for Facilitating Undergraduate Student Success

Mar 13, 2005
Nancy Martin

Absenteeism and Lateness Among Secondary School Students in Nigeria: Profiling Causes and Solution

Mar 14, 2005
Enamiroro Oghuvbu

An Analysis of the Organizational Patterns of North Carolina School Districts

Mar 10, 2005
David Dunaway, Leigh Ausband

An Imperative for Colleges and Universities: Orienting and Supporting New Faculty Members

Mar 19, 2005
Robin Lindbeck, David Darnell

An Investigation of Assessment Practices by Teachers Business Education Subjects

Mar 10, 2005
Janet Adetayo

Cultural Diversity Analysis of a Hot-Rodder

Mar 19, 2005
Michael Gross

Expectancy Theory and its implications for employee motivation

Mar 11, 2005
Isaac Mathibe

From Social Justice to Collaborative Activism: Changing the Landscape of Academic Leadership

Mar 12, 2005
C. Gause

Giving Our Gifted Students a Voice

Mar 19, 2005
Theresa Monaco

Interaction Patterns in Mathematics Classrooms in Ogun State Secondary Schools

Mar 10, 2005
Adebole Ifamuyiwa, Abisola Lawani

Leadership Transitions: The Key to Organizational Success

Mar 15, 2005
Bharti Venkatesh

Mathematical conformation of leadership based on Erosmatic

Mar 10, 2005
Nadeem Malik, Shafeequr Rehman, Davood Salmani

New Perspectives on Academic Leadership Moving the research agenda

Mar 10, 2005
Sabine Hotho, Jim McGoldrick , Alastair Work

Principals’ Strategies for Successfully Closing the Achievement Gaps in their Schools

Mar 10, 2005
Hersh Waxman , Lee Yuan-Hsuan , Angus Macneil

Promise and Possibility: Building collegial opportunities for scholarship

Mar 14, 2005
Thomas Lucey

State Regulation of Homeschooling and Homeschoolers’ SAT Scores

Mar 14, 2005
Brian Ray, Bruce Eagleson

Student Identification Across School Levels

Mar 10, 2005
Roxanne Mitchell

The Effect of Consolidation on Extracurricular Activity Participation

Mar 14, 2005
Ibrahim Duyar, David Collins

The Institutional Challenges of Full-time Faculty Retirement: Has The Expedition Accomplished All That it Promised and That it Should Accomplish?

Mar 19, 2005
Jeffrey Senese

Total Quality Management Culture and Productivity Improvement in Ethiopia Higher Institutions

Mar 14, 2005
B.J Ojo

Understanding the Teacher Professional Development Facilitators and Barriers to Serve a Diverse Student Population

May 12, 2005
David Bell, Earl Thomas

Urban vs. Rural Baccalaureate Colleges: A National Study of Student Financial Aid

Mar 14, 2005
Lee Waller , Elizabeth Waller , Albert Reyes